Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas desserts

I'm searching for desserts today. I'm in charge of dessert for Christmas Eve this year, and I want it to be spectacular! I don't want any boring gingerbread cheesecake or mousse. No, it's gonna be something special.

I've been searching on pinterest and foodgawker and I have some possible choices.

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Chocolate raspberry pavlova

Chocolate hazelnut mousse (well, I know this is a mousse but it's not only chocolate in it..)

Peppermint Pie Recipe
peppermint pie

vegan coconut & vanilla panna cotta

Сhocolate Coffee Caramel Custard - Flan de Chocolate y Café
chocolate coffee caramel custard

triple chocolate cheesecake

caramel coffee panna cotta

chocolate mousse cake with creme anglais

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