Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Good morning people! Today it's Saint Lucias day. I guess the name of her changes from country to country but here in Sweden we say Lucia. It's a celebrated date here. We light candles, sing special songs and eat safronbread and gingerbread. You can se Lucia's everywhere: On TV, in the schools and so on. I'm actually going to my shool early today for the Lucia celebrations.We all gather in the "big hall" and watch Lucia and her companions sing. It's very cozy and nice (if they can sing..which is not a matter of course)!

This is the Lucia on TV from last year. From svt.se

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  1. At my school it was the worst singers ever this year! I still have pain in my ears! Det var hemskt! Nu skriver jag både på engelska och svenska, hihi!