Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Yesterday I was in town with my mum, shopping and eating lunch. It's the big sale in Sweden after Christmas. I bought two makeup-boxes (from Maybelline and Too Faced), Beyoncé's perfume Heat and some other stuff. I will probably go to town tomorrow too, for a second look.

I thought I would show you the clothes & stuff I checked out in the stores:

H&M                                                                                     Topshop

                                Sequin Bat Mask
Exercise book; Topshop                                                                                   Mask; Topshop

                              Eye Frame Brooch
Lush                                                                                                      Brosch; Topshop

Bull Skull and Feather Brooch                                            Premium Moon Hair Slides
Brosch: Topshop                                                                                             Hairslides; Topshop

Topshop                                                                                 Topshop

As you may see..I love topshop                                                    

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