Monday, January 2, 2012

The love of a book

I don't know if any of you have experienced it. The first time it happens you have butterflies in your stomach, your face gets red of excitement and your hands may be shaking. You never want to leave its side, and things like friends or food gets out of your mind. How could you focus on that in that moment anyway?

It's the day you fall in love with a book. 

You're very lucky if you are in love with a book. A book can give you so much.

My love for Harry Potter is unconditional. I love it so much. It's sometimes hard for people to understand this, for them it's just another book in the shelf. They think I'm really goofy (even though I'm not a hardcore-fan with HP-robes and a wand in my pocket. I don't judge those fans by the way) and I understand that it's hard to get, but at the same time I feel sorry for them. They can't understand me, and that shows that they've never felt this way. Sorry you guys, you've missed out on great stuff. It's an awesome feeling grabbing that book that you love so dearly and just read, even though you've read those chapters a million times before. A warmth spreads in your body. 

I think it's time to stop think people who love a book is crazy. It doesn't matter if it's Harry Potter, Twilight or any other book - just stop! If you want to see the person happy, why ruin the thing that makes them happy? Start reading like mad yourself instead, and see if you find a book that will change your life.


  1. Harry Potter is da shit! Ingenting är bättre. Kolla in den här sidan förresten: Superfint renoverat hus!

  2. Hej fina hoppas att du har haft det trevlig under ledigheterna. Jag har bytt lite inrikning på bloggen och hoppas att du kommer att gilla den. Kram