Friday, January 6, 2012


In January, many gets a cold. I've done a vitamin-bomb for you to prevent any sickness!

Now don't get all freaked out just because it's green! 

Recipe for my monster smoothie:

1 portion

1 handful spinach
½ banana
1 handful strawberries
½ orange (just the juice!) 
½ cup cold water

Use a blender to mix it all. Make sure you don't get any large bits. Put in more water if you think it's too thick. Actually, you can put in as much as you want of everything! 

This is a great smoothie if you want to eat healthy, but at the same time eat something that taste sooooooooo good. This is also a great thing for kids who say the don't like vegetables. In this way, they get so much vitamins from the spinach. Say it's a Shrek-smoothie and the kids will think it's funny!

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  1. Kanske är något att prova, skulle verkligen vilja bli av med min förkylning nu efter flera veckors kraxande ;)

    Önskar dig en härlig fortsättning på helgen!
    Kram Milla