Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year of 2011

When the spring came I was happy. Last winter was so, so long. I went to a park called Slottskogen with my friend Amelie and smelled fresh air.

I became 18 years old! I celebrated it with drinks and dinner with my relatives. It was a happy day.

This is my lovely grand mother. One day in May I made an interview with her about her youth, for a project in school. It was fun to hear her talk about things like alcohol and boys and how it was when she was young. And I think this was one of the first summer days 2011. 

We celebrated my mums birthday by having an icecream-party!

Summer came and I colored my hair red. Me and some friends went to sit near a festival to hear Coldplay, and had a splendid picnic. I celebrated midsummer with my family.

In July 'til August I worked as a newspaper distributor. What a terrible job. I worked in the nights and was so tired all days, so I spent them cuddling with the doggie and with a bit of sunbathing. 

Autumn came and I visited my sister in Hallsberg where she lives. We had an awesome weekend! I also had scrabble-night with some friends. I didn't win.

I made myself into a vampire around Halloween. It was the funniest photoshoot I've ever done. 

Winter came..oh no wait, it didn't! All of what should have been winter, was more like autumn. Not fun for a snow freak like me!! Well. I spend Christmas with my family and it was nice. 

Now it's 2012, so weird! 

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  1. Älskar första bilden och den med krusbären!!! Så himla fina.